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Safe and durable roads for years

Forget about time-consuming formalities, communication difficulties or other problems that force You to delay or suspend Your investment.

Everything can be done easily with the assistance of a good road designer.

Road Design Office in Warsaw

In       Projektowanie Drogowe we design and construct roads in Warsaw and its surroundings. We know and understand the local market as well as the need for project consultation in many municipal institutions because we have done it for years.


With our company, you will quickly go through the process of designing, reconciliation and project realisation.

You will have our support through every stage of the investment: from a concept, through construction and executive project, until top quality realisation.


Soil and construction tests, construction and reconstruction of roads, streets, crossroads, driveways, car parks, pavements, cycle paths, reconstruction of surfaces and green areas are all within the scope of our activity in Warsaw. Every project is run efficiently, in a timely and reliable manner, with respect for the natural environment, according to the current technical knowledge and in accordance with construction law.


Check out our offer!

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Road design

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Road tests


With us, you can start designing roads step by step.

Choose our renowned road design office in Warsaw!


Write to us or call us to discuss your project and all the requirements.

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