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Durable road infrastructure

Choose a proven road company from Warsaw to implement your project.

In     Projektowanie Drogowe, we will carefully, step by step, take care of the construction or reconstruction of roads, streets, crossroads, driveways, car parks, pavements, cycle paths, reconstruction of surfaces and green areas.


You get full technical support from us, regardless of the complexity of the project.

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Forget about complicated formalities

We will comprehensively take care of them for you! Road construction and reconstruction is associated with many formalities to which both time and energy must be devoted. These issues, improperly organised, can significantly extend the implementation of the project.


We take this risk off you: it is our task to efficiently obtain all approvals from municipal units regarding the pavement construction, apply for the occupation of the road lane, implement temporary traffic organisation for the duration of the road works as well as to obtain acceptance and permit for use.

What makes customers choose our road company from Warsaw?


No downtime

We work with proven suppliers of high-quality materials that ensure continuity of supply. Thanks to this, we implement your project efficiently and without unnecessary downtime.


Limiting the lead time to minimum

We stick to arrangements and deadlines, focusing on  partnership in business. We honestly and openly present the available options that can improve the progress of the investment execution.


Many years of experience

We have been in the road construction business for years, that’s why we are able to predict and solve problems occurring

at the implementation stage on an ongoing basis (e.g. collisions with existing underground infrastructure).

Road construction and reconstruction - Warsaw

We offer comprehensive services in the field of construction and reconstruction of roads, streets, intersections, exits, parking lots, pavements, bicycle roads, restoration of pavement and greenery in the capital city of Warsaw.

Starting from consultation with the client, through the local vision and technical performance, we select technology and materials that allow for many years of trouble-free operation of the implemented road infrastructure.

The number of formal requirements necessary to carry out can significantly extend the implementation of the investment.

We offer our clients efficient arrangements with city units regarding pavement construction, road lane applications, implementation of temporary traffic organization for the duration of road works as well as collection and permit for use.

A road company dealing for road and bridge construction

We supervise the implementation of investments in the field of broadly understood infrastructure construction, minimizing the negative impact of road works on traffic flow where possible.

Our many years of design and implementation experience allow us to effectively solve problems arising at the implementation stage, including collisions with existing underground infrastructure.We treat each order individually,  fulfilling our obligations and ensuring the highest standards of performance are met.

Established cooperation with proven material suppliers allows us to ensure continuity of supply and causes no downtime in the construction of road infrastructure.


Regardless of the complexity of your project, we offer full technical support and reduce the implementation time to the necessary minimum.




Are you planning an investment? Ask for a non-binding valuation of road works.

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