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Investment with a high rate of return

Check Your ground before You build home of Your dreams on unstable soil

Subsoil compaction studies of buildings and constructions - Warsaw

Earthworks are a significant part of the cost of road investment. To a large extent, it depends on them how durable the surface structure will be.


In order to have a guarantee of the quality as well as the profitability of the investment, it is worth doing a soil density test. Thanks to this:

  • you will prevent any possible losses made due to insufficiently dense soil,

  • you will check the quality of ongoing earthworks,

  • you will minimise any possible risk of damage to lower levels of construction in the future.


Our equipment can not only evaluate the quality of soil density but also of sub-base from unbound aggregate and of soil enhancement in enclosed and linear structures. Thanks to this you receive detailed information regarding the state of your road investment.


Lightweight Deflectometer (Dynamic Plate Test)

Lightweight Deflectometer Terratest 4000 Stream allows to systematically monitor the quality of ongoing earthworks without any need to engage heavy equipment as it is the case with the VSS bearing plate. The Dynamic Plate Test is a perfect choice in places that are difficult to access and in the need for regular control of earthworks without interrupting them.




•   high measuring accuracy,

•   possibility of testing in places that are difficult to access, e.g. narrow excavations,

•   short measuring time (2 min./measuring point)

•   immediate measuring results,

•   measurement up to c. 0,4m.



Dynamic Probe Light (DPL)

This device enables to evaluate the level of density of sandy native soil as well as made ground in places that are difficult to access.



•    high measuring accuracy,

•    long measuring time (up to 10 min./m deep),

•    measurement up to c. 6 m.



VSS Bearing Plate

It is best suited for standard examples of measuring points with unlimited access for heavy equipment.

It is the most precise method of fill density control.



•    high measuring accuracy,

•    long measuring time (1 hour/measuring point),

•    immediate measuring results,

•    measurement up to c. 0,5 m.


Conducting soil tests during works prevents losses resulting from subsidence of insufficiently compacted soil .

The tools we offer allow You to quickly and efficiently check the quality of earthworks and reduce the risk of costly repairs of the lower layers of the structure or foundations of the erected building.


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We can help to properly check the soil for your investment!




Call or write us - we will be happy to advise you on the scope of necessary testing.

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