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Full safety of the construction

Control the state of all construction types in order to guarantee their safety and to evaluate the quality of workmanship

Non-destructive tests - Warsaw

Thanks to non-destructive tests, you will receive a durability forecast based on the measurements of concrete and reinforcement parameters.


Main characteristics of non-destructive testing NDT:

  • The test is conducted causing no damage to the material.

  • This type of testing is used for roads, bridges, flyovers, multistorey car parks, driveways and other public utility facilities.

  • It is conducted with the use of advanced measuring equipment.

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Our equipment, knowledge and experience

We conduct non-destructive tests with the use of Hilti Ferroscan PS200 system and Schmidt Proceq Original (Type N) concrete rebound hammer.

Both our experience of many years and professional equipment enable us to complete even extremely challenging projects.

Your benefits: overral safety and savings on repairs

  • the quality and accuracy control of reinforcement works of constructed elements,

  • the analysis of reinforcement diameter and spacing before the start of construction repairs,

  • the cover quality assessment and undertaking the maintenance in order to prevent reinforcement damage,

  • immediate measuring results displayed on a monitor connected to the system,

  • the possibility to process data and prepare detailed reports for further analysis.

Hilti Ferroscan system is proven in:

• road engineering (concrete road surfaces, bridge and flyover pylons, tunnel load-bearing structures, noise barrier sill plates),

• residential/commercial buildings (top tie beams, walls, roofs, foundations, prefabricated elements),

• water engineering (channel, floodgate and floodbank retaining walls)

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Take care of the full safety and durability of the construction with the help of non-destructive tests.

Contact us by mail or phone to talk about the safety of your investment.

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