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Efficient design, reconciliation and execution of driveways

In         Projektowanie Drogowe, we’ll efficiently handle the design of a driveway in Warsaw.


Relatively small and problem-free, they still require approval and agreements.

You don’t know how or you don’t want to take care of it? Leave it to us!

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Driveway design in Warsaw - main stages

1. On-site inspection

We set the scope of activities necessary to design and agree the driveway in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines of municipal units.


2. Designing a driveway

We prepare a driveway project that meets both legal and investor requirements.


3. Obtaining of legally required permissions

We agree the proposed solutions with the Road Manager and the Traffic Manager. We apply for a decision on the location of the driveway, an opinion on geometric solutions and agreement on the surface structure of the planned     driveway.


4. Project implementation

After obtaining the necessary agreements and approval of traffic management   projects for the duration of the works and after their completion, we begin the   construction of the driveway.


5. Greenery restoration

We restore the aesthetics of the place by restoring greenery and infrastructure dismantled for the duration of the works.

Driveway projects in Warsaw

In Warsaw, in the case of a driveway project and its implementation, the opinions of relevant authorities must also be added to the standard list of arrangements (depending on the road category).


Thanks to experience and good knowledge of the local market, we are able to efficiently and comprehensively deal with the necessary formalities. We save your time and energy, ensuring timely execution of all investment stages.

Contact us to agree on the scope of activities in which you need support.

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